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Marketpolygraph delivered a return of 59.92% for 2011.*

Marketpolygraph provides proprietary market timing research to private and professional investors who receive decisive trading signals for specific exchange traded funds (ETFs). Our simple and direct market timing research entails only minutes of follow-up effort every month and represents the singular requirement for realizing exceptional investment returns.

Marketpolygraph's market timing research adheres to the proprietary principles of Metatechnical Theory, a revolutionary framework that once and for all confirms that the stock market is governed by a set of integrated empirical laws that serve as the foundation of our intricate rules-centric methodology.

Demonstrated capabilities include the extraordinary delivery of defensible market calls identifying how stock market cycles begin and end, and comprehensive insights into how bull and bear markets behave over time. As a nucleus of new knowledge, Metatechnical Theory represents nothing less than a revolution in the analysis of stock market behavior.

Marketpolygraph directly translates this new knowledge of market behavior into outperformance through a select group of ETFs, including the PowerShares QQQ (symbol: QQQ) that offers proportional market exposure and represents the core of Marketpolygraph's timing research.

In addition, magnified exposure to the market (whether bullish or bearish) is also available through other ETFs; for example, the ProShares Ultra QQQ (symbol: QLD) and its Canadian-listed counterpart, the Horizons BetaPro NASDAQ-100� Bull Plus (symbol: HQU) both deliver bullish double-leveraged performance, while other ETFs offer triple leverage on a bullish and bearish basis as well.

Our members recognize the overwhelming significance of applying a defined, rational methodology in the pursuit of outperformance. For example, since 1999 our ETF timing research has delivered a compound return of over 30%* on an average annual transaction base of less than 10 closed trades.

If you are interested in achieving outperformance, Marketpolygraph will show you how to generate profits simply and clearly—what to do and when to do it—regardless of the current market environment.


*Please note that the YTD rate of return includes both trading commissions and monthly Marketpolygraph subscription. Furthermore, profit reinvesting and/or "special situation" trades distort true performance and as such are never included in the rate of return result.


"Buy-and-hold investing...actually ranks among the toughest ways to invest because it requires immense discipline and considerable patience."
Bryan Ashenberg, CFA
November 30, 2012


"...the model of 'buy, hold and pray' has become 'an anachronism.'"
Richard Smith, President
Capital Advisory Group LLC
The Wall Street Journal
March 5, 2011


"'Buy and hold' now being called into question by a number of leading analysts�"
David Stevenson
July 24, 2009


"...the right strategy is to "buy and hold?" No. Unfortunately, the that just a little trading could net far greater returns."
John Authers
August 18, 2006


"I think investors have been taken advantage of by advisors advocating a buy-and-hold strategy..."
John Mauldin
July 31, 2004
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