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Metatechnical Theory
Metatechnical Theory represents an entirely new body of empirical knowledge whose exclusive function is to identify, integrate and implement the natural laws that govern the stock market. As a distinct departure from current fundamental and technical analysis techniques, the Theory's revolutionary principles not only confirm the inherently logical order of the market, but deliver a scientific diagnosis of directional changes in market trend, and as such relegate all remaining disparate and oftentimes contradictory timing approaches to the dustbin of history.

Aside from its framework of advanced proprietary discoveries, Metatechnical Theory also offers the following primary market observations:

  • The market can be timed given its adherence to an objective, rational, and integrated framework of concise empirical rules which signal a change in trend. In other words, when a market inflection point occurs, at least one objective Metatechnical rule confirms its occurrence.
  • Rules-based market timing brings order and discipline to trading. Myopic loss aversion and other emotion-centric trading phenomena are bypassed.
  • The market price and trend are all-encompassing. Returns can be amplified far beyond a general buy and hold strategy by accurately mirroring the trend from its beginning to end as often and as accurately as possible.
  • Market behavior adheres to the general law of gravity i.e. to migrate lower rather than higher. The inherent negative tendency of the market underscores the importance of successfully entering positions at their lows and exiting them at their highs.
  • The market trend consistently changes. Every market that rises will decline and most markets that have declined will rise. The greater the magnitude of the rise or decline, the greater the magnitude of the resultant inverse trend.
  • The greater the behavioral correlation between the market index and a given equity, the greater the market timing opportunity. The mirror-like correlation of various ETFs with the market exemplifies their use as the ideal market timing tool and ensures their adherence to the rules-based methodology of Metatechnical Theory.

John Podrebarac
John Podrebarac is the President of Podrebarac Capital Strategics, Inc. and Editor/Chief U.S. Market Strategist of John has engaged in over a decade of private independent market research and equity trading, most recently focusing on an exhaustive empirical analysis of the behavioral aspects of the U.S. market that has resulted in the development of a pioneering and revolutionary body of knowledge known as Metatechnical Theory.

Prior to independently formulating the principles of Metatechnical Theory, John was a successful manager and analyst for a number of organizations within the Canadian technology sector, ranging from a small, aggressive international systems integrator to a large telecommunications firm, where he consistently gained recognition for his capacity for innovation.

Work impulses aside, John's other enduring pursuits include all forms of Objectivist philosophy and a demanding fitness regimen. John holds an Honours Science Degree (summa cum laude in Psychology) from McMaster University and a Master in Business Administration Degree from McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business.

Given both the exceptional historical and live (i.e. as of August 2004) performance of the Marketpolygraph ETF models, John's objective is to continue to publish the most consistently compelling and user-friendly research in strict adherence to the exhaustively validated principles of the Theory.

Looking forward, the service will certainly respond to the needs of its current and prospective members—for example:

  • requests for examples of recent Marketpolygraph research notifications;
  • requests for trade-by-trade breakdowns in order to gauge drawdowns;
  • requests for specialized research projects, including tactical etc. consultations;
  • and/or feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Contact John Podrebarac at

A New Diction

"The dexterity of Metatechnical Theory resides not only in its syntax of market axioms, but also in its ability to map a defined superstructure detailing an ordered continuum of market behavior over time. In turn, the disciplined juxtaposition of these micro and macro counterparts allows for defensible predictions of material changes in its trend."
John Podrebarac
Podrebarac Capital Strategics, Inc.



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